NSOD has been preserving & promoting the rich cultural heritage of India, through training students in the field of Bharathnatyam (Classical dance) as well as Semi-classical, folk, Bollywood dances for over 15 years in the Carolinas.  We have proudly presented our talents in more than 600 various performances as well as conducting workshops and arangetrams. We take pride in following the Guru - Shishya parampara, thus bringing the Indian values closer to heart through art.

The name 'NRITHYANJALI' is  derived from Sanskrit, an ancient language of India. Nrithya is an aspect of dance combining rhythm and expression, and 'Anjali' is  to salute or honor. So, NRITHYANJALI simply means, 'salutations to dance'. 


The bond between a Guru (Teacher) & Shishya (Student) is sacred. The student has the power to make the 'learned' become the 'learner' at many a  times. That is what we proudly encourage here in our school. 

NSOD has imparted dance training to a multitude of students over the years. The dedication, hard work and passion for Bharatanatyam shown by the students is  a treasure for NRITHYANJALI.  We help develop their love for this art further more, by  training our students to be 'Teaching Assistants', once they have attained the 'Senior' status.


​Sunitha Raj, popularly known as "KODAI MAZHAI" Vidya in the movie world is a well known exponent of Indian classical dance who received her training in the Vazhuvoor style of Bharatanatyam from world renowned Guru Sri Padmashree Vazhuvoor Ramaiyya Pillai and his son Sri Kalaimamani Vazhuvoor R.Samaraj.


She began dancing at the tender age of 3 and did her arangetram at the age of 11. She has had the privilege of experiencing the age old tradition of 'Gurukul'. To date, she has given more than 200 dance recitals all over the world. She has enriched the cultural life of the Carolinas by dedicating herself to teaching and performing classical dance  over the past ten years.


Sunitha  has also earned the love and devotion of her fans not only through dance, but through numerous South Indian movies.  She is also known as 'Kodai Mazhai Vidya', 'Sunitha' and 'Vidyashree' and has paired with leading stars like Mamooty, Mohan Lal, Jayaram, Ambarish, Anant Nag, Shivraj Kumar and so many others. She has performed bollywood dances all over the world via Stage shows / Star Nites with stalwarts such as Amitabh Bachchan, Mamooty, Mohan Lal, etc...